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Checking All Checkboxes with Capybara

This could be useful to someone searching the Interwebs for a solution. Hopefully it will save someone some time, as it took some time to figure it out. Looking back, I can see where someone might find it obvious. I didn’t, for some reason.

The following is how I accomplished it, using a CSS selector:

When /^I choose all of the damn checkboxes$/i do
  all('li.checkboxes input').each {|ch| check(ch[:id]) }

This requires that the checkbox input elements have a unique id attribute. You might, having some knowledge of Capybara’s Element class, think that you can just use #path, which returns an elements XPath string, in place of [:id]. That’s what I thought, and I welcome you to try it — what kind of hackers would we be if we believed it every time someone said something wasn’t possible? I, unfortunately, was unable to make it work. The check method reported that it could not find an element with said path (or XPath).

I’d love to hear it if you have better luck!