I am a lot quieter on the Internet

Vim Links of Worth and Valor

Plugins I (mileszs) actually use:

These are ever-changing. If you have any questions as to why I use a certain plugin, or a suggestion as to another plugin I might like, you’re welcome to chat with me, or email me. Use miles (at) mileszs (dot) com.

Vim, together with tmux comprises my idea of an "Integrated Development Environment". Using the command-line version of Vim greatly affects which plugins I find useful.

Vim Diesel

The monster staring intensely at you is Vim Diesel: The Many-Tentacled Vim Monster.

Vim Diesel

Vim Diesel, from his dark house in the mighty city of Noremap’`, will rise to bring TextMate users again beneath his sway. Some day he will call, when the stars are in the appropriate mode.

Meanwhile no more must be told.