New IndyHackers Job Board

I am excited to announce the birth of the IndyHackers Job Board! Check it out at

IndyHackers should be more than just a list of events, more than just a calendar. Sure, the calendar can be helpful, but the site can do more. The site should do more. Lately, I’ve heard of several jobs that fit right in the IndyHackers demographic. I’ve also heard employers are having a hard time finding people that fit – again, the right fit would be people in the IndyHackers demographic. With a bit of a nudge from a friend, the IndyHackers job board was born.

It is a bit rough around the edges. I am researching job board pricing models, as well as common job board functionality. I really just wanted to get something up as soon as possible, considering the jobs of which I keep hearing. (For instance, nFrame is hiring a Ruby on Rails Programmer! Send your resume to /plug) The current job listing works well for a small set of jobs. Keeping all listings at the top of the page until one expands a job creates a more-or-less equal footing for each employer, and makes it easy for prospective employees to browse the list quickly. Well, that’s what I think, anyway. What do you think?

If you have a job that you’d like posted to IndyHackers, please email me: miles (at) mileszs (dot) com.