Goals Recap for 2015

I must say, 2015 was quite a year. There were many triumphs, and I am fairly proud of it when looked down upon from on high, as a king surveying his kingdom from his tallest tower. However, when compared to my list of goals for the year, it seems this king’s reign has been a disaster. A failure so large I’d rather not mention it, really, but that will only add to my guilt.

See here for the utter bullshit I claimed I was going to do in 2015.

Read Ten Non-Fiction Books

My year in books was decent. I completed this one, due in no small part to subscribing to Audible. However, I said I’d read books about writing, and I read not a single one. Quite a bit of medieval history, though.

Read Thirty Fiction Books

Cake. Actually, I don’t like cake so much. Pie.

Like I said, my year in books was decent. I feel good about it, anyway.

Use Phone Less Around Family

I think I did this. Having not asked, I think my wife would disagree with me. Hold on a sec, I’ll ask.

She says I did indeed quit going to my phone when we’re putting the kids to bed, but that is, from her perspective, the only phone-related improvement I made. That’s probably a fair assessment. (I wrote this part from my phone.)

Continue to Improve Patience

Work in progress. Perhaps it has improved, but I worry that’s like suggesting the weather has improved when it goes from a downpour to a mere drizzle.

Weigh Under 200 Pounds

I gained 15 pounds. I won’t bother haranguing you with my trials and tribulations. I ate like I expected to be starved come 2016, which will turn into a self-fulfilling prophecy.

Write Five Short Stories

I wrote none. I barely wrote more blog posts than short stories I didn’t write. My buddy Tyler, though… that guy is really doing it. Proud of that guy. I am looking to his example as inspiration for getting more organized, whether I do pursue the short story thing or not.

Miscellaneous: Backpacking

Nope. I scheduled a weekend for May 2016. It’s on the calendar.

So, that’s it. A shit year, to read this post. It’s not true, though. Fretless grew; Indy Hackers grew; (Miles grew. I know you were thinking it.) I ran more miles at a time, in a week, in a month, and in a year than ever; I made new friends; I learned many new things. It was a good year.

I’ll keep trying to convince myself of that.