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I typically don’t write a blog post unless it’s a longer affair, contemplated over at least a few days if not weeks. In general, I tend to write higher effort posts. (That is to say nothing of their quality. They’re probably still shit. They’re just shit that takes me a long time to write.) The unwanted effect of this is that I don’t write often, as I see it as a great burden.

Exhibit A: It’s been over 2 years since I’ve written something here.

Now that I have joined Olio, I’ll no longer be splitting my writing efforts between personal and Fretless’s blog. I’ll mix it all in here. GenCon recaps, RubyConf recaps, what I’ve been reading recaps, Ruby, JavaScript, Elixir, management, leading, failing, stories about my kids, backpacking trip recaps, etc.

Most importantly, I want to take the pressure off by allowing myself to post more low-effort blog posts. Perfect is the enemy of done, or maybe more like comprehensive is the enemy of progress. Anyway, I’m going to post more, and I won’t apologize if they’re not terribly interesting. Like this one.