About Me

Hey. Prepare for more than you actually cared to know about me when you pressed the link to here. There’s not even a reward at the end. The journey is the reward, or something. Anyway, as Samwise Gamgee says, “It’s the job that’s never started that takes the longest to finish.” So let’s get going.

I enjoy helping people, writing code, and helping people write code. I am the Director of Engineering at DriverReach, where I get to help people, write code, and help people write code that helps people. I get to help software engineers and engineering managers grow their careers and grow our product. It’s a wonderful thing to watch a team grow and create and celebrate their successes!

I’ve been on a couple podcasts for professional reasons:

Community stuff: I founded IndyHackers, a 501(c)3 dedicated to the growth of individuals in the Indiana tech community by fostering community connections and celebrating indivual successes. I organize the Indianapolis Ruby Brigade in which we get together once a month to chat about the Ruby programming language, and programming in general. I help a little with Indy Elixir. I have hosted a mechanical keyboard meetup, started a little community around the game KeyForge (which quickly dwindled, but that’s okay), a couple communities/events that were but brief flashes in the pan. I like getting people together.

The Sterretts on a hike in the Smokies

I have many too many hobbies, and hop from one to another like rocks across the stream of time. I dabble with various musical instruments, like guitar, bass, ukulele, mandolin, saxophone, piano, tin whistle, and washboard (not joking!). I like to read a lot (find me on Goodreads). I enjoy many different tabletop games—board games, role-playing games, etc. In fact, I on-and-off get obsessed with tabletop roleplaying games. I like backpacking/hiking/camping. I recently got into indoor rock climbing despite being mildly afraid of heights. ¯_(ツ)_/¯

Also, I used to tweet. Now I… Well, now I toot. I push code to Github. I am on LinkedIn, but I tend to be quiet there.

Most importantly: I’m lucky enough to have a lovely wife, Melissa, a son, Zane, and a daughter, Aubrey.

The Sterretts at a Liverpool FC match at Notre Dame stadium

I enjoy getting email from real people. So please email me. Or DM me on something!