I am a lot quieter on the Internet


Hey, thanks for caring enough to read this. If you also care so much you want to get in touch, please email me.

My Face I enjoy helping people, writing code, and especially writing code for complicated, interesting web applications. So, that in mind, I am a partner in a business in which I get to do those things. We named it Fretless.

I also organize the Indianapolis Ruby Brigade in which we get together once a month to chat about the Ruby programming language, and programming in general. I run IndyHackers, in which I keep a calendar of local hacker-related events, a hacker-centric job board, and organize events here and there. I play guitar and bass in The Handicapper Generals. I tweet. I push code to Github.

Zane and I, Head Swap Most importantly, to me, at least, I spend time with my lovely wife, Melissa, my son, Zane, and my daughter, Aubrey.

Again: I, strangely, actually enjoy getting email. Please do email me.